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Subject: Charice Pempengco

Image     These past few months while roaming through social networking site like Twitter, I used to check on trending topics worldwide. While checking on those topics, this name “CHARICE” caught my attention. I wonder why this name is always trending on Twitter especially on weekends. A friend told me, “Haven’t you seen that kid on Oprah? Do you know Sunshine Corazon? She’s famous man…” Then I started to check and do a research. I started on YouTube, as I browse on those videos I was like, ‘oh my, this kid got millions of views’… I asked myself, “Where was I when this kid was counting her standing ovations all over the world? Am I outdated?” Then I checked on Wikipedia and found out her story and that the song “Pyramid” which my sister used to play on the car was her first single and placed No. 1 on Billboard. Now, I admit that I am really not updated.

I watched all her past videos, her performances with David Foster which gives me goose bumps all the time, all her appearances on Oprah and other TV shows like Glee, so this cute girl Sunshine Corazon with nerd glasses and Hello Kitty bag who sang “Telephone” with Leah Michelle was Charice, the girl who sang “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas” with David Archuleta at the LA Grove last November 2010, and I was there with my mom while she was singing “Jingle Bell Rock”, why on earth did I not noticed her, maybe I was just playing around ‘coz I don’t really want to go at the Grove that time. And she also won a KCA…Oh my, and she’s an Asian, a Filipino from Philippines. The first ever true blooded Filipino I have known who became famous all over the world, I was really amazed with her talent.

So I started to browse on her fan pages, and found out that she’s on that X-Factor Philippines TV show in her hometown. And since the X-Factor USA had just started, while I was watching the show, “Oh my, Sunshine is Malia!” I shouted as I saw the advertisement on TV. So Charice is Malia in “Here Comes The Boom” movie with Kevin James coming this October 12, 2012… I wanna watch this movie. And because I was so curios about Charice, I watch that X-Factor Philippines on my friend’s TV since they have a TFC and her mother is a Filipino. And she looks much so beautiful and gorgeous with her blonde hair now which really fit her. My friend’s mother told me that Charice is really a pride of the Philippines and that she had brought a lot of recognitions and achievements for her country. But then she was so sad because a lot of Filipinos seems to forget what Charice had contributed to her country just because of the nonsense reason that she dyed her hair and getting a tattoo. And that they hate the new Charice now… What? Did she change that much? How come they hate her when once in their history Charice had made them proud? How come they forget how Charice had made the people all over the world recognize how talented Filipinos are? Now, my curiosity about this kid Charice levelled up.

I’ve started reading on news online about her, thanks to Google ‘coz I was able to translate some articles written in different languages. I also went on to her timeline on Twitter whenever she’s trending, again thanks to Google Translate, I have read some hate tweets, some bashing and bad words about her which really broke my heart into pieces. They’re criticizing her about her accent, which to me is that she’s just speaking the correct pronunciations of the English language. They’re criticizing and questioning her capability as a judge/mentor in that X-Factor franchise, why not? Demi Lovato is doing the same too in XF-USA, and I think they’re on the same age. These are all nonsense reasons to hate her, where do these people’s brains go, ‘coz they’re not thinking at all. Where do these people’s respects for each other go? Why on earth these people do talked nonsense about her? These people have no respect at all. They’re attacking her personally. Oh my God… What does ETHNICITY have to do with her talent? Can we put HUMANITY first before ETHNICITY?

I may not know Charice personally; we may not be in the same race or culture but I do deeply respect her. At her young age, I see her as a strong person who embraces’ her country with all her heart even though some of her countrymen keeps on pulling her down and giving her bad publicity. I wonder where on the part of this planet did she ever had sinned to her country. It was like these people are treating her as an Enemy of the State and before she even speaks she was already criticized. At these early years of her life she was like carrying a burden in her shoulders. It was like all eyes are watching her… She’s still young; she has the right to be free. Being proud of our own country cannot be measured through our physical appearances; it cannot be measured through cutting someone’s hair. It can be measured through the love in our hearts on how we value and respect our fellowmen. How come we say we are proud of our country when we are not respecting our fellow countrymen?

This kid Charice deserves a respect just like everybody else. And even though I am not a Filipino, I will respect and continue to support her. We are on your side now kid. You’re awesome!!! We are hoping to see more of your amazing performances here in the US.

I am so deeply touched with your life story; I hope to meet you soon personally.

I do hope you can read this.




***Please spread the link guys… I’m hoping Charice can read this.***

***I need to separate this blog, since this is not related to my job. This is just an opinion based on my observation.***                 


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43 responses to “Subject: Charice Pempengco

  1. Camo ⋅

    Well said and really hope these haters look into themseves but its probably a long shot,

  2. Zee ⋅

    Sharing 🙂
    and thanx for sharing
    since she was young she experience this already in competitions but it just jump up a notch to a crazy sense.
    They don’t know her personally they all just judge.
    Charice is still Charice.
    she’s comfortable speaking English now and they bash her for that….O_o?


    Here is the story of Charice
    watch in youtube
    Charice – SNN Interview UNCUT Part 1 (English Subtitle)

    and her recent live appearance in the States
    Charice – Without You with Intro, The Final Showdown WCDE Gala, July 6, 2012
    Charice – IWALY/Saving All My Love For You Medley, WCDE Gala, 7-6-2012

  3. tin ⋅

    you can really see how strong she is! some might get very depressed if they were in her situation, but look at her she’s livin life and being free.. i dont care too what my countrymen is telling nonsense about her! i loved her eversince … and btw your article is superb! tnx!

  4. You miss the point. Kung Amerikano ka, o banyaga, kaya kami naiibahan sa kanya kasi hindi na siya katulad dati. Dati kung maka opo at po yan sa tv e sobra. Ngayon, Tagalog na dapat Tagalog ang accent, slang na. Anong tawag mo don? Maiintindihan ko pa kung magiging panget ang accent ng English nya kasi Pilipino kami. Pero the fact na Pilipino ka, kelangan mo pa gawing slang masyado o tunong Inggles ika nga ang Tagalog accent mo is more masahol pa sa malansang isda.

    • juliosbc ⋅

      hindi ka talaga makaintindi johnabacan…inteernational na ang audience ni charice…para hindi ka maapektuhan…wag mong panoorin si charice…alis dyan

    • Why is Martin, Gary and Pilita and even KC Conception not criticized for speaking in English? Dahil ba mahirap ang pinagmulan ni Charice? CHarice is talking to worldwide audience , she has an international fan base unlike the other judges.

    • faiza ⋅

      at least maayos ang english niya ….ilang libong artista diyan sa pinas na nagsasalita ng english pero halos hindi mo maintidihan mag english karin lang ayusin mo na kaysa pagtawanan ka kaya pinagtatawan ng mga taga ibang bansa ang ingles ng mga plilipino…gaga ka inggit ka lang kasi yong idol mo ang sama ng accent pag mag english.hoy gaga o gago ka man ayaw mo kay charice huwag mo siyang isipin alisin mo sa isipan mo si charice huwag kang manood ng mga video niya huwag mong basahin ang anumang news tungkol sa kanya …ikaw ang mabahong isda kasi masama ka ..ingitera ka hayup ka…ako ayoko sa mga ibang artista diyan pero never na nagbasa ako or nanuod ng kahit ano tungkol sa kanya…uulitin ko ayaw mo kay charice edi alis ka tsupeee!!! ipasok mo ito sa kukote mo kaya maganda ang accent ni charice sa english dahil gaya ng sabi ni…juliusbc INTERNATIONAL ANG MGA FANZ NIYA AT MGA EDUKADO GET MO?PALIBHASA nasanay ka sa english ng palengke …tse akala mo kung sino ka kung magsalita…PARA HINDI KA MA HIGH BLOOD DIYAN MAG SLANG KARIN…

    • Deb

      ang babaw naman ng reason mo kung yun lang..
      syempre, dahil tumira si Charice sa US, na-develop yung speech nya, gusto mo bang mag-stay sya na baluktot yung Ingles o bulol sa pagsasalita… nag improve lng sya at naging mas confident e grabe na makapag react yung iba jan..
      We should know how to celebrate her, coz she’s brought so much honor to our country…

  5. panday's wife ⋅

    I never was affected with any other artist in my entire life till I heard charice. No twitter account though but I read about the bashers and haters, wishing also that I’ll see more of her here in the USA. Nice blog about my ultimate favorite artist!

  6. Sunshine ⋅

    you’re right,, as a Filipino myself.. some of my co Filipinos are really mean, but i really hope the one day, they will realize what they are doing. and hurting persons feelings is not good.. But let us just pray for them, because only through prayers we can enlightened there minds.. :))))

  7. I like here even more! She looks cool, awesome, and very professional. No matter what she looks like, she’s still the Charice I knew, that girl who made us proud, happy, and get us inspired.

    More power to you Charice!

    Thanks for the author of this blog! You the man!

  8. RodBelt ⋅

    I am sppechless reading a thought-provoking article about Charice. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Reblogged this on Pinoy TV Critic and commented:
    Here’s an article posted by a foreign fan in defense of Charice, who has been bashed and criticized in her home country, the Philippines.

  10. jay ⋅

    wow! amazing. thank you for liking charice. thank you for giving your opinions. but first of all i would love to remind you of Merriam webster’s definition of OPINIONS. it is belief stronger than impression and less stronger than positive knowledge. in short Judgment.

    yes, i am a filipino, and i am a proud one. i am proud when someone brings honor to our country like Pacman, Ms. Shamcey Supsup, Ms. Venus Raj and CHARICE. i am a believer of Charice. She obviously has a God given talent. i used to listen to her songs a million times. i like her, i love her and i believe in her and in my opinion, our fellow Filipinos share the same thing. but of course, changes is inevitable. when charice, accepts her job as the Judge/mentor of XFactorPH, i was very very excited. i swear to God i was very very excited. oh my God, Charice is in the House. until, she gave her comments, she acts like a real arghhgh. i dont care about her tattoos or even her hair dye. its her fashion statement. thats how she expresses herself. leave it to her. duh. but whe she commented, when she was looking at the camera just before she gave her comments and right after she delivers her obviously senseless comments ahhh… everything changes. yeah youre right. many bashers haters whatever you may call it are there ready to mingle. be it in FB twitter or group message. name it they are there. trying to express how they feel. you’ve mentioned that we have shared different culture, different beliefs and standard as well. allow me to give you a brief knowledge about us Filipino. we may sound haters, bashers, whatever, but this is our way on showing our disapproval to someone especially when they are a public figure. but mind you once that unaccepted behavior gone all praises will be given atleast. it is our wake up call, it is our way of saying hey, do something. we dont like you that way, this is us. and no one has the right to judge us the way you judge us. you gave your opinions without considering others side or should i say Biased you are. you are actually trying to draw to everyones reading your post that we filipinos are nothing but hypocrite.

    and now i say, hypocrite you are.

    • kervinagustin ⋅

      The article is not criticizing Filipinos. You’re the one who said “Filipinos are nothing but hypocrite,” and you’re acting like one.

    • mindreader ⋅

      If there’s anyone hypocrite in this blog, it is you “Jay”! and please don’t include me in your brief knowledge about “Filipino” culture when and don’t use “we” or “us” when you are giving your own opinion/judgement. Between you and the writer of this post, “I” find her/his ideas more credible, honest and humane. The writer did not implied us all as haters or bashers rather “some Filipinos” only. Your attitude defines your character here. You use to many words but become less. No wisdom at all, in my opinion. Peace!!! Go Charice!!! I still support you even if you are not perfect. you are only human and please continue to give pride to our country (Philippines) and thanks to none Filipinos who recognizes her talent. Peace to everyone here.

    • WORDWAR ⋅

      You’re the hypocrite, telling others they have no right to judge you when you’re the one who’s wagging your pathetic tongue judging, AND EVEN ADMITTING TO IT, the author of this blog and charice.

      Senseless comments? I think the only one senseless here is you. I have watched the entire season of the show and so far, I haven’t found anything ‘senseless’ about Charice’s comments. In fact, out of all the judges, she’s usually the only one I look forward to hearing because she gives intelligent statements. Sure, she has her few down times but it’s not as if the other judges were any better. A couple of them even kept looking at the outward appearance and not at the contestant’s talent.

  11. Elaine ⋅

    Great article! Thanks for pointing that out to all of us Filipinos. I loved Charice even before she got famous in the US and how she looks now doesn’t change my admiration to her true talent. I hope my countrymen will see your write-up.

  12. CHARICE ⋅

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Hope, this will open the mind and heart of my fellow countrymen. God bless you writing this so.

  13. kb117 ⋅

    spreading the Love!!! Labyo Labyo!!!

  14. Jeff Versoza ⋅

    great blog! makes me wonder why people hate celebrities they don’t know personally, they’ve never met, or who have never caused them any harm whatsoever. I still believe though that filipino haters of Charice are few compared to those who adore her; for every one loud and obnoxious hater, there are thousands of silent admirers.


  16. mildred143 ⋅


  17. Eli ⋅

    This is nice! I remember this line in a song “Oh the kind words we give, shall in memory live . . .” Thanks, I love Charice!

  18. hello! thank you for making this blog! you just said what i feel in my heart about charice! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I AM A FILIPINO AND I AM ALWAYS SUPPORTING CHARICE!

  19. I was touched of what you have said about Charice. Hope haters can read this blog too. Thank you for supporting her! Charice, you are loved by millions of people around the world. Stay strong & God bless you on your journey. We love you & we’ll always be here for you!!

  20. Lily ⋅

    Nice article about Charice, yeah it makes me sad too that Filipinos mentality is to bring someone down instead of trying to help them succeed, it’s selfishness really!

  21. Kayce

    Itˇ¦s really a nice and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Fillyjonk- I am so happy to hear that! I am planning my first trip to NYC in January. I am going out with my boyfriend and his fat hating best friend, though, so I will have to strike out on my own. In the meantime, where is the store in Chicago? I am often in town visiting my family (I live in Indiana). Unlike you, I have been buying everything in sight 🙂

  23. kidd

    this is really true. . im a filipino and i love her. .

  24. My sentiments are the same. And it is sad to hear negative feedback on Charice. I am Filipino and it is quite embarrassing to know why we do this. I guess it’s mostly ignorance.

  25. Alvin ⋅

    WOW… what an awesome statement for Charice.

    I thank you and admire your honesty and sincerity.

    More power to you!

  26. heromyugba ⋅

    sa akin parin c charice i love t kahit kolayan pa ng polang bohok niya walang problema sa akin sa ngiti lang ang tinitignan ko kanya ay naku buhay na ako..salamat charice

  27. heromayugba ⋅

    charice ngumiti ka lagi at iyan ang armas mo. hwag monang papansinin ang hater mo total may pera ka na…lov u…

  28. CHARICE is a good performer
    got a great singing voice and lucky to be in some Hollywood projects.
    But I do hope changes should be for the better and not for the worse.
    God bless her and may she remain as the CHARICE that Filipinos love.
    Career Guidance should also be a focus so she will remain connected with the people who helped her go up like David Foster and never burn bridges coz what was happening that people hated her is because of the wrong decisions or wrong moves that had happened.
    Not all praises coz she is a human who got faults like everyone, no matter what our citizenship is
    but still Charice is a Pinoy pride. God bless her talent and may she continue to share the God given gift she have.

    • mindreader ⋅

      Awsome comment!!! sincere, honest, balance ideas and have a constructive critism. I got your wisdom here and It’s amazing to read a very nice article and nice comments from you guys. I hope Charice wil be more inspired because of your sincere views and comments….Thank you.

  29. Kent ⋅

    Nice blog. Told what was in my heart. Chaster forever.

  30. gazo 2

    I cherished as much as you will obtain carried out proper here. The caricature is attractive, your authored material stylish. however, you command get bought an nervousness over that you want be turning in the following. sick definitely come further in the past once more as precisely the same nearly a lot incessantly inside of case you shield this increase.

  31. Thank you so much for this blog. I have so much awe and respect for Charice, she might not be liked by some people but she is loved by lots and lots worldwide.

  32. cory

    I have been a fan of Charice since i first saw her videos in Star King went to 4 of her concerts in the States she is so talented I watch all her videos and of course following her in Xfactor it is so sad that are people bashing her i think people are jealous of her because she is earning in dollars compared 2 the singers in Pi I subscibe to TFC because of Charice bought a laptop just so i can watch her you tube videos I don’t care what people say about Charice she is my idol and will always be a fan of her will be watching HCTB when it shows in orlanda Florida Good luck charice hope KZ who you are mentoring wins.

  33. yuri ⋅

    i love you for this… be proud for cha…

  34. Wimang ⋅

    Charice is gifted by God with a unique great voice and we are thankful that she is a pride of the Filipino people. God had been blessing her with success internationally; the price of being famous is that you cannot please every one. Charice, go with a song in your heart not forgetting to give praises to God who always give you victory. We will always pray for you. We love you charice. Thank you for this blog.

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